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What Your Body Language Tells Everyone

What Your Body Language Tells Everyone

Anyone can agree public speaking is a crucial part of your job if you’re an executive for a big company or association. These speaking events can range from regular work meetings to appearances at big conferences.

Proper preparation for such events is extremely important, regardless of their size or scale. And while you can plan out pretty much all of your speech, highlight all the important points, and get ready to answer even the toughest questions, there may still be elements beyond your conscious control.


Public Speaking and Body Language

We’re talking about body language. All those subconscious movements, facial expressions, and other signs that show your true intentions, emotional state, and sometimes even your thoughts.

If a person knows about these signs and signals, it isn’t hard to tell when you feel insecure, would rather not be in this place, feel uncomfortable, are dissatisfied with the people around you, or even when you’re trying to lie about something. Knowledge of body language cues gives a great advantage. Since it’s nearly impossible for people to gain control over all of their body actions, it’s easier to tell what the person next to you is really all about.

That’s what the infographic below is going to teach you. You’ll learn the most common body language signs, mistakes you should avoid when talking in front of people, and the signals that may indicate that someone’s lying.

Knowing the peculiarities of body language will make any public speaking event much easier to handle.

Daisy Hartwell Body Language Infographic



Daisy is a long-time member of the Custom-Writing staff. While completing her degree in Linguistics, Daisy was looking for a part-time job as a writer, but, upon graduating from college, she decided to work full-time. Combining her knowledge of Linguistics with her distinctive writing style, Daisy is an incredibly productive and diligent writer. A big admirer of National Geographic, Daisy is always on the road getting inspiration for her creative writing.



Not surprisingly, communications beyond body language is essential to a smooth-running not-for-profit organization. In his book, The Honest Spin Doctor, Grant Ainsley delivers advice on effectively and efficiently communicating with one's audience. He addresses everything from media interviews to social media and how to handle being put on the spot in an unexpected conversation.



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