2018/2019 CSAE Benefits & Compensation Report

Author(s): CSAE





The annual CSAE Benefits & Compensation Report has long been recognized as the quintessential benchmarking report pertaining to all salary and benefit information on all levels of staff within Canada’s not-for-profit and association communities. This report's 37th edition addresses remuneration data and statistics for executives, directors, managers and frontline personnel working in all types and sizes of organizations within the sector. It serves as an essential research guide used by countless professionals and their boards as well as executive search and consulting firms that work with associations. 

The 2018/2019 report investigates the array of factors which are relevant in determining appropriate levels of compensation and benefits offered to individuals working in the not-for-profit industry. Data is segmented by:

·         Staff Age, Gender, Education, Role, Levels of Experience and Seniority

·         Organization Type, Number of Employees, Annual Revenue and Geographic Location

·         Employment and Retirement Benefits, Incentive Plans, Bonuses and Allowances


This report is provided in PDF format for your convenience.

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