Strategic & Business Planning

2017 Association Sector Trends

By Nancy Barrett, CAE
1.There is Greater Attention on Succession Planning 2. The Relationship Between Technology and Membership Engagement is Expanding 3. Increased Governance Focus on Sustainability 4. The Quality of Professional Certification Programs Increasing Read More..

The Case for Board Succession Planning

By Jane Garthson
A Strong Talent Management Culture Can Pay Big Dividends. Read More..

Building a Healthy Board/Chief Staff Officer Relationship

By Terry J. Clark, CAE

The lack of a governance model and clear understanding of who does what is the leading cause of both Board and CSO dissatisfaction.

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Association Events: You Will Be Thrown a Curve Ball

By Sandi Humphrey
Build an event schedule that ensures you have the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed well before the event takes place.   Read More..

Get the Most Out of Your Speaker Investment

By Patricia Fripp

Many speakers will conduct multiple presentations for the same fee and discount several days in the same location.

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Who are you up against?

By Meredith Low
Associations are buffeted by all sorts of competitive pressures. No matter how simple or complex your revenue model may be, wherever you earn revenue you will have competition for it. Whether membership dues, fee-for-service ventures, sponsorships, or insurance, there will always be some other way for your members, delegates, participants, sponsors, or partners to spend the money that they are spending with you, whether it’s with a direct competitor or a substitute.
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Don’t Let Today Hide Tomorrow

By Claude Paul Boivin, CAE
The staff manages today and the board manages tomorrow’ is a phrase that captures very well the respective key roles of the leadership of an association that has an effective governance structure. The reality, however, is that far too many association Boards are investing an excessive amount of their time and energy on current operational matters instead of on the future, and on what that future holds for its dues-paying members. With corporate scandals all around and auditors lurking everywhere frantically brandishing words like ‘fiduciary responsibility’ and ‘due diligence’, Boards can easily become fixated on their oversight role and literally trapped in the past and present. This drift away from the association’s essential ‘raison d’être’ of protecting and supporting its members has to be reversed. Association leaders cannot lose sight of the fact that an association does not exist for the sake of the association – rather it exists to help its members be more successful. Associations do this by championing their members’ causes and by assisting them in meeting tomorrow’s challenges and responding constructively to the opportunities and threats they bring. Read More..

CAE® STUDENTS DISCUSS................. key trends and issues that are challenging your association events.

Discuss some of the key trends and issues that are challenging your association events. If you note a challenge your association has already addressed, share your solutions.         

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How Association Leaders Can Think Differently About the Future

By Jeff De Cagna
How Association Leaders Can Think Differently About the Future Read More..

Mastering Not-So-Big Data

By Meredith Low
Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with the idea that you’re supposed to capture and analyze enormous masses of data; instead, focus on creating an organizational culture that enables evidence-based decision-making. Read More..