Strategic & Business Planning

2017 Association Sector Trends

By Nancy Barrett, CAE
1.There is Greater Attention on Succession Planning 2. The Relationship Between Technology and Membership Engagement is Expanding 3. Increased Governance Focus on Sustainability 4. The Quality of Professional Certification Programs Increasing Read More..

The Case for Board Succession Planning

By Jane Garthson
A Strong Talent Management Culture Can Pay Big Dividends. Read More..

Building a Healthy Board/Chief Staff Officer Relationship

By Terry J. Clark, CAE

The lack of a governance model and clear understanding of who does what is the leading cause of both Board and CSO dissatisfaction.

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Association Events: You Will Be Thrown a Curve Ball

By Sandi Humphrey
Build an event schedule that ensures you have the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed well before the event takes place.   Read More..

Get the Most Out of Your Speaker Investment

By Patricia Fripp

Many speakers will conduct multiple presentations for the same fee and discount several days in the same location.

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Creating Your Future Together

By CSAE Update

Associations are firm believers in strategic plans, thus CSAE determined that their focus would be on strategic thinking.  

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Thinking About an Organizational Review?

By Alan Ward

Once the opportunity for an organizational review becomes increasingly apparent, the hard part is deciding how to structure it.

Some workflows can be very efficient, maybe even elegant.  Others are case studies in how not to get things done.

You cannot promise that changes in the way work is done will not occur, but you can and must be genuine in your conviction that staff should not feel at risk.  

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Creating change through positive HR management

By Andrew McNair, CAIB, CAE

I often hear from other association managers or office managers in general, that human resources is their number one challenge, or least favorite responsibility.


My assignment identified two items needing change in order to move the association forward in a more productive way: involving staff more in the review process when considering making changes that affect either their workflow or workload, and, developing and implementing more formal annual performance reviews.


Human resource managers need to sit down with each staff member individually to talk about the good and the bad in an open, respectful environment.

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The Not-for-Profit Executive Team: What makes it work well?

By Eric Lathrop

The days of the executive director single-handedly leading an organization are a thing of the past. Today, the senior management team is becoming increasingly indispensable.

The most engaged teams are averse to secrecy and politics, recognizing that the two can devastate an organization.

Without warning, a once gifted team can become unexpectedly mediocre by approaching new problems in ways that no longer make sense.

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I Enrolled in the CAE® Program as Soon as I was Hired as Executive Director

By Robert Dalton, CAE

It is critical we know all about the association world, its dynamics and best practices.

The process of online learning can be a lonely one if the community of learners is not engaged.

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