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I am wondering why so many associations are looking to non-dues revenues to "save them". Does anyone think that might be moving focus away from where it should be - engaging members/stakeholders and providing them with products and services they want for their membership dollar? If members are losing their commitment to the organization, shouldn't finding out why that is the case be the primary goal? I just wonder sometimes if we are trying to save some organizations that might no longer serve a valued purpose.
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In what ways has member research shaped the mix of services that your association provides to its members? Read More..

An Adaptive and Resilient Association is a Must

By Morgan Connell
How to Instill and Nurture a Culture of Creativity and Innovation Read More..

Mastering Not-So-Big Data

By Meredith Low
Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with the idea that you’re supposed to capture and analyze enormous masses of data; instead, focus on creating an organizational culture that enables evidence-based decision-making. Read More..

The Race to the Bottom. Are your Membership Affinity Programs Really Worth It

By Diane J. Brisebois, CAE

In an age where the internet, social media sites and credit cards with loyalty discount programs provide easy access to information, communities of interest and/or group benefits or savings, associations need to take a hard look at the value of their member affinity programs.


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Why Today’s Associations Must Prove Their ROI (Return on Investment)

By Ed Rigsbee, CSP
Your membership organization is most likely delivering quite a bit of value to the members. Unfortunately, very few of your members know about the real-dollar value. Read More..

some of the key trends and issues that are challenging association events.


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We have a number of seminars, regional meetings, and one convention each year. Our policy is simple: it is limited to members only. When we have non-members interested in our events, we consider them strong candidates for membership anyway. So we've certainly foregone revenue, and participation numbers, for many of our events. However, it also builds a much better camaraderie and sense of ownership among the attendees in the room, all of whom are members.

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Your Conference is a Strategic Asset – Manage it Accordingly

By Meredith Low

Conferences are under more pressure than ever. Technology is changing the relationship between physical proximity and activities like learning, networking, and collaborating. Delegates find it increasingly difficult to secure funding and time to attend. Industry sponsors are questioning their return on investment, seeking to quantify and justify their marketing decisions. Conferences can be complex to manage, and costs difficult to contain.

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Hiring an Event Management Company

By Pam Graham, DMCP
There are various reasons why associations turn to event planners to supplement and become an extension to their team. Among the most common are creativity and protection. An event planner’s contacts in the local industry can open doors not available to the public. This can include access to private clubs, hidden gems, and discount volume pricing. Another reason to choose an event planner is to save time. Using an outside contractor relieves you of the research, creative and negotiation time, allowing you to focus on meeting content and speakers. Read More..

A Trade Show Is a Trade Show Is a Trade Show? Not Any More!

By Barry Siskind
Trade shows have long been a valuable service for members of associations as well as a great source of revenue to fund association programs. The result has been an overabundance of shows of all sizes and descriptions. But the scene is changing dramatically as we move into the 21st century. Read More..