The Power of "Old School" Service

By Joseph Michelli
No matter how high tech your service becomes, you’re still serving human beings. Read More..

Driving Association Value with Corporate Social Responsibility

By John Jefkins

An association must have engagement from senior levels of its member organizations to drive CSR initiatives.

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Sport Matters

By Sandi L. Humphrey
We have been asked to consider models where members pick from a variety of options, and to even consider membership without actual dues. Read More..

2016 Association Sector Trends

By Jack Shand, CAE, The Portage Group

Metrics Matter

Knowing an organization has 80% annual retention is interesting, but how does it help achieve a 95% retention rate? Is 95% even the right number – why not 80%? 

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CAE® STUDENTS DISCUSS...................

In what ways has member research shaped the mix of services that your association provides to its members? Read More..

Membership Retention Principles

According to conventional wisdom, retention begins when it's time to ask members to renew their memberships. Actually, retention more closely relates to member acquisition. And retention begins with the organization's first contact with members...before they even join.  Read More..

Engaging the Unengaged Generation

By Sarah Sladek

The boomer generation has been in power for so long it’s difficult to imagine associations, government, non-profits and just about every industry out there being influenced by younger generations.

Even though association executives have long known there would be a shift in membership demographics, research indicates that most associations aren’t prepared and are failing miserably at engaging younger generations.

Why has progress been so difficult? I suspect that association leaders don’t fully understand the needs of younger generations or the potential of this emerging membership market.

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CAE® STUDENTS DISCUSS.................Member relationship programs

To what extent does your association follow a formal member communication/relationship building plan? How do you evaluate effectiveness in this area and what needs to be improved?

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Engaging Members in an Era of Profound Change. A Look at Some Best Practices

By Audrey Price, CAE

Members once viewed associations as the go-to point for information and current practices – today we compete with pages and pages of information available via the internet.   Members once flocked to annual meetings and conferences to network and participate in education workshops that are now delivered in chat rooms, blogs and via webinars.

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The Race to the Bottom. Are your Membership Affinity Programs Really Worth It

By Diane J. Brisebois, CAE

In an age where the internet, social media sites and credit cards with loyalty discount programs provide easy access to information, communities of interest and/or group benefits or savings, associations need to take a hard look at the value of their member affinity programs.


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