Meeting Planning

Association Events: You Will Be Thrown a Curve Ball

By Sandi Humphrey
Build an event schedule that ensures you have the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed well before the event takes place.   Read More..

Successful Employment of AV Technology at Your Next Event

By Jonathan Strauss

Don’t allow budget or knowledge constraints to get in the way of making your next event look great.

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Relationships are Key to Conference Survival and Success

By April Taylor

Although we all depend on technology as a partner to get us to the day the curtain rises, it’s still the people that make the difference.

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Get the Most Out of Your Speaker Investment

By Patricia Fripp

Many speakers will conduct multiple presentations for the same fee and discount several days in the same location.

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Signs of a Dysfunctional Board

By Lyn McDonell, CAE
How is your Board doing?  Are capable people working together on the right matters and being a force for good in your organization?  A strong well-functioning Board makes an organization better.  Boards bring a mix of insider knowledge and (hopefully) some objectivity to an organization’s affairs.  Senior leadership -- both staff and volunteer – who want to ensure their organization is effective should settle for nothing less than a strong competent Board.  However like all human settings, Boards have foibles. Here are some of them, and what can be done: Read More..


By Gail McHardy, CMP

Post-Event Evaluation- Did You Achieve the Objectives you set out with?

Return to the objectives you established at the outset of the planning phase.  If they’re ‘hard’ objectives (achieving a particular satisfaction rating from participants, or net revenue target, for example), it should be relatively easy to determine if you achieved what you set out to do.

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CAE® STUDENTS DISCUSS................. key trends and issues that are challenging your association events.

Discuss some of the key trends and issues that are challenging your association events. If you note a challenge your association has already addressed, share your solutions.         

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Mastering Not-So-Big Data

By Meredith Low
Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with the idea that you’re supposed to capture and analyze enormous masses of data; instead, focus on creating an organizational culture that enables evidence-based decision-making. Read More..

CAE® STUDENTS DISCUSS.................Trends and Innovation

How do you currently identify and deal with trends and issues in your organization? What improvements can and should be made? Read More..

Forging a Path to Sustainability – a How-to Guide for Associations: Part 4

By Coro Strandberg

Part 4 – Critical success factors and challenges

Welcome to the final installment of this how-to series that offers a practical 10-step Roadmap to Association Sustainability.

Part[Coro1]  1 explored the business case for member CSR/sustainability programs. Part[Coro2]  2 explored member benefits and introduced the first three foundational steps to a member CSR/sustainability program. Part[Coro3]  3 summarized the final seven steps in an association sustainability program. This final article focuses on barriers to success and how to overcome them. It also outlines critical success factors as described by a group of sustainability representatives from eight industry and professional associations across Canada.

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