Feel Like You Keep Hitting a Brick Wall?

By Larisa Yurkiw

I’m determined, tenacious, and motivated, and want to share the lessons I have learned along the way.

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This Isn't Your Grandpa's Advocacy

By Ken Cousineau, CAE
The starting point for any advocacy process is to identify, in very specific terms, your issue or “ask”. Read More..

A Good Hand

By Roma Ihnatowycz

The deck aims to help boards challenge their own thinking while simultaneously thinking more deeply about the issues that impact them.

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2017 Government and Political Trends

By Huw Williams

Government and Political Trends: Advocacy - Consider Federal Collaboration with the Provinces; Increased Importance of Grassroots Advocacy; Championing Your Cause in Caucus

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2017 Governance Trends

By Liz Watson
Governance Trends: Smaller Boards; Independent Board Members; Extended Terms for Board Chairs; Fewer Committees; Abandonment of Robert’s Rules Read More..

2017 Association Sector Trends

By Nancy Barrett, CAE
1.There is Greater Attention on Succession Planning 2. The Relationship Between Technology and Membership Engagement is Expanding 3. Increased Governance Focus on Sustainability 4. The Quality of Professional Certification Programs Increasing Read More..

The Case for Board Succession Planning

By Jane Garthson
A Strong Talent Management Culture Can Pay Big Dividends. Read More..

Applying the Principles of Corporate Governance

By Jonathan N. Strauss

This group of finance industry powerhouses wanted to develop a common sense, real-world set of principles as to what “good governance” really means.

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Board Leadership: Qualities of an Excellent Chair

By Lyn McDonell, CAE

Appreciating the Mix of Qualities a Great Chair Brings to the Role. Read More..