Human Resources

The Case for Board Succession Planning

By Jane Garthson
A Strong Talent Management Culture Can Pay Big Dividends. Read More..

Understanding an Employer's Obligation to Accommodate the Family-Related Needs of Employees

By Raquel Chisholm, CAE
The types of parental obligations that must be accommodated are those that are essential and engage the individual’s legal responsibility. Read More..


By Ed Hess

The ability to truly listen is the most important 21st century job skill. As Hess explains in Learn or Die, it's the core skill needed for the critical thinking, innovative thinking, collaboration, and real-time diagnosis and problem solving that only humans can do.

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Thinking About an Organizational Review?

By Alan Ward

Once the opportunity for an organizational review becomes increasingly apparent, the hard part is deciding how to structure it.

Some workflows can be very efficient, maybe even elegant.  Others are case studies in how not to get things done.

You cannot promise that changes in the way work is done will not occur, but you can and must be genuine in your conviction that staff should not feel at risk.  

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Creating change through positive HR management

By Andrew McNair, CAIB, CAE

I often hear from other association managers or office managers in general, that human resources is their number one challenge, or least favorite responsibility.


My assignment identified two items needing change in order to move the association forward in a more productive way: involving staff more in the review process when considering making changes that affect either their workflow or workload, and, developing and implementing more formal annual performance reviews.


Human resource managers need to sit down with each staff member individually to talk about the good and the bad in an open, respectful environment.

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Effective Delegation Can Impact Organizational Effectiveness - Delegating Not Only Saves Time and Money, It’s a Real Motivator!

By Nicole Burgess, CAE
Delegating tasks to both staff and volunteers is a regular part of what we do as association executives on a daily basis.  Given that delegation is so central to the day-to-day work of association management, can we then assume we are probably pretty good at it?  The answer arguably is no!  While it would seem that we are fairly good at handing off pieces of work to others, we often fail to delegate effectively and strategically.  Furthermore, delegation is not a skill that we tend to focus on or even likely think about, yet it is a skill that can potentially be the difference between being a high performing association or not.  Read More..

CAE® STUDENTS DISCUSS.................Career Management

Lots of valuable discussion and information exchange takes place between participants in the CAE® program, much of which, we believe, holds great value for all not-for-profit executives.  Here we look at some recent dialogue relating to career management.  Read More..

Converting Office Politics Into Positive Energy

By Mark Cohan
Office politics is how we as individuals interact with each other. The problem is that “office politics” is generally defined as the pursuit of a personal agenda/goals/self-interest that more often than not comes at the expense of others, and is thus negative to say the least. It is a strategy that by its very nature means there are winners and losers. Read More..

You and Your Board: Is Your Health at Risk?

By Judith Martin
Another year, another board Chair.  With the outgoing Chair’s departure, I was sure the coming year would be less challenging.  I’d observed the Vice-Chair in action. I was sure we’d work well together when his term commenced.  His quiet and modest demeanour suggested an open-minded approach to making good governance decisions.  I was wrong. 


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Preparing for the Point of Job Termination

By Jack Shand, CMC, CAE

When boards of directors fire, they don’t always do it well. Donald Trump’s showmanship as he points his finger across the boardroom table and decisively pronounces “you’re fired!” isn’t the best visual training program for employee termination. To his credit, at least he’s scripted and clear.

To be prepared for termination, board leaders should consider what to do before, during, and after firing their CEO.

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