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2017 Social and Demographic Trends

By Jim Carroll
Social and Demographic Trends: The Disappearing Attention Span; Information Honesty; How Young is Your Board? Read More..

2017 Economic Trends

By Jim Carroll
Economic Trends: New Forms of Knowledge Generation; The Issue of Speed; Knowledge Acceleration Read More..

2017 Association Sector Trends

By Nancy Barrett, CAE
1.There is Greater Attention on Succession Planning 2. The Relationship Between Technology and Membership Engagement is Expanding 3. Increased Governance Focus on Sustainability 4. The Quality of Professional Certification Programs Increasing Read More..

CAE® STUDENTS DISCUSS...................

In what ways has member research shaped the mix of services that your association provides to its members? Read More..


By Gail McHardy, CMP

Post-Event Evaluation- Did You Achieve the Objectives you set out with?

Return to the objectives you established at the outset of the planning phase.  If they’re ‘hard’ objectives (achieving a particular satisfaction rating from participants, or net revenue target, for example), it should be relatively easy to determine if you achieved what you set out to do.

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CAE® STUDENTS DISCUSS................. key trends and issues that are challenging your association events.

Discuss some of the key trends and issues that are challenging your association events. If you note a challenge your association has already addressed, share your solutions.         

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HEAD: CAE® STUDENTS DISCUSS................. Systems Thinking

Consider the following competencies: innovation and creativity; systems thinking; analysis and synthesis; problem-solving; and, teaching and mentoring. Which of the above do you believe association managers most need to improve?

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CAE® STUDENTS DISCUSS.................Career Management

Lots of valuable discussion and information exchange takes place between participants in the CAE® program, much of which, we believe, holds great value for all not-for-profit executives.  Here we look at some recent dialogue relating to career management.  Read More..

CAE® Program Rigorous, But Worth the Time and Effort

By Carolyn Warkentin, CAE
Achieving the Certified Association Executive (CAE®) designation requires focus, hard work and determination.  It is a rigorous process, but one that is well worth the time and effort.  The designation gives professionals in the not-for-profit sector leadership skills and a higher level of credibility and capability with respect to not-for-profit management. Read More..

CAE® STUDENTS DISCUSS.................Technology

Considering emerging trends and issues in technology, which will have the most positive impact on associations?  Can you identify one that may have a negative impact on associations? Read More..