2017 Government and Political Trends

By Huw Williams

Government and Political Trends: Advocacy - Consider Federal Collaboration with the Provinces; Increased Importance of Grassroots Advocacy; Championing Your Cause in Caucus

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2017 Economic Trends

By Jim Carroll
Economic Trends: New Forms of Knowledge Generation; The Issue of Speed; Knowledge Acceleration Read More..

Association Leadership Requires Trust, Respect and Partnership

By Lori Prospero, CAE

CSO satisfaction, and therefore turnover, is linked to the effectiveness of the CEO/CSO partnership.

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Appreciating the Value of Conflict

By John Devitt, CAE

We Grow through Adversity and Become Better Leaders Read More..

Forging a Path to Sustainability – a How-to Guide for Associations: Part 1

By Coro Strangberg
So what is sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR)? I define it as the integration of social and environmental factors into organizational governance, strategy, operations and daily decisions informed by consideration of stakeholder impacts, concerns and priorities. Read More..


By Meredith Low
Why do you hold a conference? Professional development for members? Building your organization’s brand and profile? Tradition? The opportunity to engage directly with members? Reliance on its proceeds to fund other activities? Read More..

Helping Get Advocacy Right

By Huw Williams
By definition, associations are political organizations. In the simplest terms, associations are forums where like-minded interests come together to help push for common objectives. The irony is that if association executives are unable to deal effectively with internal politics then the association as a whole cannot be an effective external advocate for its members. Read More..

Sidestepping political pink slips

By Roma Ihnatowycz
It starts with a nagging feeling that something is just not right. You find you are regularly being sidelined by board members and senior volunteers, and that key decisions are being made without your input. Eventually, you’re called into a meeting and given the dreaded news. Your employment at the association is being terminated. Read More..

Integrated Accessibility Standards – The Next Step in AODA Compliance

By Melissa Magder

With the compliance deadline for the Accessibility Standard for Customer Service - the first of five Standards under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) – now past, organizations across Ontario need to begin planning how they are going to meet the next set of requirements under Ontario’s Accessibility legislation - The Integrated Accessibility Standards. The Integrated Accessibility Standards (IAS) came into effect on July 1, 2011 and significantly impact most organizations in Ontario with respect to their human resources practices and the way they do business.

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