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2016 CSAE Canadian Association Census

CSAE Canadian Association Census 2016

The report serves as a highly important comparative tool for associations wanting to understand the demographic structure of association staff and the governance and behaviour of organizations similar to their own. Topics addressed in the report are segmented by organizational type, size and geographic location.

Topics examined include:

  • Association staff, member and board composition
  • Succession planning practices
  • Budget and strategy planning process and review
  • Board selection, orientation, compensation
  • Governance assessment and review practices

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2017 / 2018 Benefits and Compensation Report

2017 / 2018 Benefits and Compensation Report

Recognized as the most comprehensive report of its kind, this report's 36th edition provides salary and benefits information on all levels of association staff including executives, directors, managers and front line personnel. This report, available only in PDF format, serves as an essential benchmarking tool for all Canadian professionals who wish know if they or their staff are being compensated properly.

Included in this report is remuneration information based on:

  • Staff Level and Experience
  • Age, Gender and Level of Education
  • Organization Type, Size and Geography

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Re-Thinking Association Non-Dues Revenue Research Report and Strategies Guide

 Re-Thinking Association Non-Dues Revenue Research Report and Strategies Guide

How effective are your non-dues revenue programs? Find out how your organization compares. This comprehensive report presents current practices, program descriptions, and tools to help you identify and evaluate potential new revenue streams that fit with your association's vision and strategy.

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