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Sandi L. Humphrey, CAE

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Writer's Guidelines

If you are interested in contributing an article to Association™ Magazine, then we are interested in hearing from you. Our goal is to provide readers with information that will help leaders in the association field keep abreast of a wide range of issues that impact the sector. This page is designed to explain our needs and answer any questions you may have relating to editorial submissions for Association™ Magazine.

The Purpose of Association™ Magazine

Association™ Magazine is an informative and authoritative resource for members and prospective members of the Canadian Society of Association Executives. It provides practical insights on association management issues and complements CSAE's delivery of web-based and professional development content.

Our Readership

Each issue of Association Magazine is circulated to 10,000 association and business leaders (suppliers) to the association sector in Canada.

Process for Submission

If you have an idea or submission for consideration, you should contact the editor of Association™ Magazine at General themes and feature articles for each issue of Association™ Magazine are determined at least six months in advance of publication. The editor will let you know if your suggestion "fits" with a planned publication in the near future - if your proposal addresses a timely issue of interest to the readership, the editor may adjust the content of a future issue in order to accommodate your contribution. The editor will also provide you with information on deadlines and preferred formats for submissions.

What Our Readers Want

Our readers have told us the most valuable articles tend to come from within the membership of CSAE - individual members who have encountered problems, developed solutions, and corrected mistakes that other members can learn from. We encourage submissions from those who have created a fresh approach to an ongoing problem, or a cost-effective solution to a new one.

As a contributor you are urged to focus on communicating what you learned rather than detailing the events that unfolded around you. How-to insights, backed up by examples, have been deemed more valuable by our readers than detailed theories. Above all, attempt to anticipate a reader's questions - and answer them.

Common Reasons for Rejection

Unfortunately we cannot publish every submission or prepare an article in response to every suggestion advanced by the membership. The most common reasons articles or suggestions are rejected are:

  • it deals with a topic that is elementary or irrelevant to our readers;
  • the article is poorly organized;
  • it deals with a concept or idea with narrow scope and depth;
  • it is self-promotional or markets a product or service available from only a small group of select vendors; or
  • it offers no examples from the association sector.

Release for Web Publication and Educational Use

Once your article has been accepted, and prior to publication, you will be asked to sign a release form giving the Canadian Society of Association Executives permission to post the article to their web site and as a possible resource for CSAE educational programs.

Writer's Rewards

Without doubt, there is a real sense of satisfaction from having had an article published in Association™ Magazine. Those of us in the profession of association management don't need to be told that sharing information and helping peers do a better job is what we're all about. Yes, writing takes time and effort. Keep in mind, however, that the editor of Association™ Magazine ( is committed to providing the readership with information of real value, and will work with you to ensure your contribution achieves that goal!