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Membership Essentials: Recruitment, Retention, Roles, Responsibilities, and Resources, 2nd Edition

By Sheri Jacobs, FASAE, CAE



Membership Essentials: Recruitment, Retention, Roles, Responsibilities, and Resources, Second Edition is a comprehensive exploration of all aspects of membership, from engagement theory, to membership functions, to infrastructure, and much more. This new second edition includes expanded coverage of value proposition, strategic planning, model development, staff leadership, legal considerations, and more. Environmental factors and sustainability, governance, globalization, online communities, and the role of volunteers are discussed in great depth, alongside foundational concepts that association leaders must understand to fill the role effectively.

This book reflects the experience and expertise of thought leaders from a range of associations, and provides an invaluable resource for those preparing for, or already in association leadership positions.

In this publication, you’ll learn how to:
• Engage members more fully in the evolving membership environment
• Develop models and strategies for relationships, engagement, and affiliation
• Explore ways in which the web and social media can benefit your membership
• Examine the implications of globalization and the related relational models

SHERI JACOBS, FASAE, CAE, is President and CEO at Avenue M Group, a full-service association and marketing agency with in-depth expertise in member behavior, engagement, and retention.

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