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Media Relations for Canadian Associations: How to Be the Voice of Your Members in the Media

By Huw Williams




The World of news and information has gone from a 24-hour cycle to an almost instantaneous barrage of where news agencies file stories online and journalists Tweet news with the absence of traditional filters and delays. The challenge for association staff is to properly prepare to manage today’s fast-paced media cycle to avoid putting your association at risk of becoming irrelevant to members. An association’s need for sharpened media relations and information management skills has never been so critical.

This insightful publication from nationally recognized media relations expert, Huw Williams provides a thorough understanding of today’s media machine and demonstrates how your association can apply a concise and workable plan to deliver framed messages to its target audiences.


  • The Media Mix  - Who They Are and How They Operate
  • What the Media Want
  • Basics for a Media Plan
  • Getting Your Message Out
  • Selecting Your Association Spokeperson
  • Rules of the Media Game
  • Taking it Local: Involving Members
  • Effective and lasting Media Training
  • Crisis Communications
  • Social Media
  • Tips for Success
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