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CSAE Canadian Association Census (PDF only)





The CSAE Canadian Association Census is the first comprehensive benchmarking resource for Canada's not-for-profit and association sector. Based on in-depth survey information and analysis, this report provides statistical insight on staff composition, revenue, professional development expenditure, and board structure and practices for a vast cross-section of Canadian associations, enabling you to determine where your organization fits into the industry landscape.

The report serves as a highly important comparative tool for associations wanting to understand the demographic structure of association staff and the governance behaviour of organizations similar to their own. Topics addressed in the report are segmented by organizational type, size and geographic location.


  • Association staff, member and board composition
  • Succession planning practices
  • Budget and strategy planning process and review
  • Board selection, orientation, compensation
  • Governance assessment and review practices

To view this report's Executive Summary and Table of Contents, please click here.

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