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The New CEO's Guide: Advice for the First-time, Aspiring, or Current Association Executive

By Beth Brooks, CAE



The first days, weeks, even year for a new CEO are critical. There's little or no time for on-the-job training. You'll likely walk in the door and confront a host of things--board meeting preparation, forthcoming conference, complex contracts--that have to be dealt with immediately. And, we know what they say about first impressions. This initial honeymoon period can set the stage for long-term success or a much earlier departure than what you had in mind.

The New CEO's Guide was developed to help you prepare whether you're a first-time CEO or transitioning to a new organization. Author, Beth Brooks, CAE, who has served as CEO for two organizations and counseled many other CEOs, provides experienced-based insights for:

·         Orienting your board to its work

·         Undertaking the role of CEO and the fine print

·         Working with association staff

·         Tackling financial and legal issues, and more!

Rounding out this resource is a section containing advice from experienced CEOs and a number of helpful documents such as a sample board agenda, board meeting evaluation form, and sample CEO evaluation. 

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