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Knowing Y: Engage the Next Generation Now

By Sarah L. Sladek




How can associations attract Generation Y as members, leaders, and employees? By 2015, Generation Y will overtake the Baby Boomer population in the workforce which will significantly impact the economy and association community. In “Knowing Y: Engage the Next Generation Now,” author Sarah Sladek provides sound advice on engaging Generation Y, offers insight on the impending economic revolution and makes a compelling argument for why associations need to assimilate Gen Y’s into their organizations now.

While many association leaders are waiting for Generation Y to come of age and change their engagement habits to mirror the habits of previous generations who joined associations as their careers and age advanced. Sladek discusses why this will not be the case and how associations need to evolve to meet Gen Y’s dynamics. This intriguing publication describes the unique influences which have shaped Generation Y and have served to impact their value systems, how they communicate, purchase, and connect differently than previous generations.

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