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Core Competencies in Association Professional Development, 2nd Edition

By Terri Tracey, CAE and Kathleen M. Edwards, CAE (Editors)




Creating, implementing and running a highly successful association education program takes many different disciplines and skill sets. These core competencies, collected and reviewed by ASAE's Professional Development Section Council, provide the over-arching foundation for structuring and managing a successful education program. The authors use their extensive experience to define precisely and comprehensively the what, why and how of crafting an education program that your customers will find valuable.


  1. The Learning Professional in Associations
  2. Strategic and Business Planning
  3. Developing a Body of Knowledge
  4. Instructional Design and Program Delivery
  5. Legal and Contractual Issues
  6. The Role of Credentialing in Association Education Programs
  7. Marketing Education Programs
  8. The Why and How of Evaluation
  9. Education Technology
  10. Relationship Management
  11. Management, Staffing, and Administration
  12. Creating and Fostering a Learning Culture
  13. Associations as Knowledge Organizations
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