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Versatility: How to Optimize Interactions When 7 Workplace Behaviors Are at Their Worst

By Francie Dalton




Cohesive working relationships are the goal. But that may be insufficient to compel our best response at the moment when another's behavior is inflammatory. We need explicit, simple tips that we can realistically hope to implement even when our patience is being sorely tried. Versatility equips you for those very moments. Based on author Francie Dalton's immensely popular workshop "The Chameleon's Edge," this book clarifies the causal links between your and others' behavior, evoking esteem for the use of behavior as the powerful tool it actually is.

Versatility discloses that the secret to successful workplace interactions lies not in trying to change others but in adjusting your behavior effectively and tailoring your communication. Complete with exercises and specific, easy-to-use adapting techniques, Versatility will sharpen your ability to:

  • Quickly recognize the style you're dealing with
  • Customize your approach to each style-on the spot, and
  • Achieve needed business results more quickly and more easily
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