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199 Ideas: Member Service and Engagement



199 Ways to Improve the Member Experience! Do you want to create exceptional member experiences? Realize the competitive advantages of a high-service staff culture? Nurture an ever-more-loyal base of member-ambassadors?

This 199 Ideas guide is full of ways to achieve all three. From suggestions for memorable ways to welcome new members to tops for meaningful volunteer involvement, this little book is a treasure trove of practical—and executable—ideas.

Here is a sampling:

  • Connect new members with partners to get them introduced to the association
  • Use secret shoppers to find out if the service being provided is adequate
  • Establish collaborative communities organized by specialty, geography, or career stage
Engaging members and providing a high level of member service can be the equalizer in today's era of extreme competition for your members' time and goals. Use these ideas for inspiration. Implement some of them as they are. Or adapt them to your needs. Your members and prospective members will notice, and they'll tell others. You'll notice too, in higher retention numbers!Related Books
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