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Social Networking for Nonprofits: Increasing Engagement in a Mobile and Web 2.0 World

By Andy Steggles




Facebook. LinkedIn. Blogs. Twitter. Social Platforms.

If you want to sharpen your appreciation for these and other elements of the social web AND find ways to use them more effectively to foster connection and meaning in your niche, you're looking at the right book.

Social networking, social media, and the generation of technology known as Web 2.0 form a social web of opportunity for meaningful connection built of trusted relationships, interests and shared content. And engagement of this sort is what membership and other nonprofit organizations are all about, right?

In this book, Steggles and company go well beyond answering the "what is it?" question to provide real guidance and examples of ways nonprofit organizations can relate to and leverage the social web.


  • Social platform characteristics
  • Evolving educational applications for social networking
  • Legal implications, liabilities, and risks of the social web
  • Goals for engagement, and ways of measuring ROI on social engagement
  • Planning for social initiatives
  • Nondues revenue opportunities on the social web
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