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Briefing Executives in an Information-Intensive World

By Laurence Mussio, PhD




This practical monograph by Dr. Laurence Mussio, Adjunct Professor in the Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia at McMaster University, examines the two pivotal pillars of organizational success: effective communications and intelligent leadership.

It provides a solid foundation for improved executive briefings and includes an in-depth discussion of two important dimensions - the quality and structure of decision making and managing massive information flows - and the connection between them. These pages will help you deal with information and email overload; discover the not-for-profit advantage in the information age; develop better briefing documents, and identify the key messages of successful briefing notes, executive summaries, and dynamic reports. As Dr. Mussio points out, well-prepared briefing notes allow decision makers to focus on those skills they’re expected to perform best: strategic thinking and program execution.


  • The Art of Decision
  • The Effective Executive: Knowledge Rules
  • The Nature of Decision-Making
  • Executive Briefings: Where the Collective Meets the Individual
  • The Issue Briefing - A Standard Format
  • Thinking and Writing Strategies
  • The In-Depth Briefing - The Report
  • The Executive Summary: A Must-Have for Decision-Making
  • Sample Brief

...And More!...

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