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Strategic Planning for Associations and Not-For-Profit Organizations

By Ron Knowles, FCMC and Helen Hayward, CMC




Strategic planning has come of age. It is now the fundamental tool and resource not-for-profit Boards use to direct and control their organizations. It also provides Chief Staff Officers with the essential means to lead and manage their associations—both large and small.

A broader acceptance of strategic planning has occurred because it is useful to Boards and staff in many ways. There is a greater familiarity with the fundamental methods, language and tools of strategic planning and, as a result, a broader appreciation of its value and importance as a management tool. In the association world, almost everyone has participated in a strategic planning workshop, defined a mission, articulated a vision or selected a set of key strategic directions. Although there may be growing fatigue with some of these methodologies—e.g., writing mission statements—a good strategic plan is now a basic expectation of Boards and a valued management tool for many Executive Directors.

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  • Challenges and Trends
  • Strategic Planning Methodology
  • Building Blocks to Develop a Strategic Plan
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Planning Workshop
  • Drafting the Strategic Plan
  • Using Planning Models Effectively
  • Develop Measurable Indicators of Success
  • Operationalize the Strategic Plan
  • Transforming Strategies into Action
  • Planning Workshop Agenda
...And More!...

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