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Make a shift with your next conference by implementing sustainability and going green

As the modern world searches for ways to reduce emissions and replenish resources, sustainability has become a leading factor in our day-to-day practices. Organizations are developing innovative technologies and procedures to fulfill their roles as stewards of green living. With so many tools at our fingertips, environmental awareness should be a priority in our personal and professional endeavours, and associations are taking a stand in the crusade to protect our environment.

Keep your attendees engaged and give Generation Z something they can’t forget

 The first digital natives and original pioneers of the online world, Millennials are ready to pass the digital torch, and your association should be prepared for the foreseeable changes. The MySpace gurus and iPod guinea pigs are stepping down from their platforms to make way for an even more progressive and tech savvy group – Generation Z.


Who doesn’t love a night at the movies? From the smell of fresh popcorn to the thrill of embarking on a new, make-believe adventure, a night at the movies has something for everyone. But why limit the experience to the occasional evening out with family and friends? Host your next corporate meeting at a movie theatre and take advantage of the first original gathering place.

Top 8 tips to boost event registrations

May 24 2016

It’s an event planner’s nightmare: spending time and money organizing a major event—only to assess a paltry turnout.

Here are 8 easy-to-implement tips you can use to boost attendee registrations.

Take the high road and get closer to your customers with marketing automation

May 10 2016


Whether you are unveiling a fresh business initiative or trying to keep up with a blossoming venture that shows no signs of slowing down, achieving balance between the quality and quantity of your messages is essential. Amidst all the spam mail, platform update emails and re-shares of appealing articles on Facebook, how do you ensure that your communication reaches its intended audiences efficiently but also effectively? Marketing automation is the answer, as it builds the gateway to keeping your customers informed and engaged.

Top 5 Secrets Every Successful Meeting Planner Should Know

Apr 12 2016

How do savvy event planners really know if they have executed a successful business meeting or convention? Apart from the event being carried out with out a hitch, respecting deadlines, being on your mark budget-wise and a happy client or boss, how do you 
really define a successful event?

Helping Your Attendees See the Big Picture

Mar 01 2016

We have all endured the tiresome ineffective meeting: tardy attendees strolling in unenthusiastically; awkward sounds of coughs slicing the silence; presenters’ words never fully reaching those stuck at the far side of the endless table. When the medium is the meeting, how do you deliver a message that is simultaneously focused as well as creative and engaging to a diverse group of people? You surprise them with a show stopping venue.