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Blast from the Past: Planning nostalgic events

There's no denying the power of nostalgia. And just as Hollywood thrives on depicting the past or big brands flourish by evoking fond memories, so too can meeting planners use nostalgia to draw a crowd. “People like to revisit good memories, so if you can capture a certain time or occasion as part of your event, it can be very effective in making your whole program stand out,” says Carrie Paolone, Director of Events with Scotiabank Convention Centre (SCCN).

Food and Beverage: The Secret Ingredients to a Stand-Out Event

Of the many ingredients that create a memorable event, few are as influential as a venue's food and beverage services. 
“Whether it's an awards dinner, a meal for an important meeting, or a lunch between sessions, the food we serve during events is often what brings people together, and it's usually one of the things guests talk about most when they return home,” agrees Carrie Paolone, Director of Events with Niagara Fall's Scotiabank Convention Centre (SCCN).

The Elements of Event Success

The speakers are booked, the guests invited, and the gift bags packed. Now that everything is coming together on your end, what is your venue doing to make your event a success? 
Surely, there are many venue elements that contribute to a memorable event; some common sense, and others that can go overlooked. If you're planning to put your meeting or conference over the top, here are some considerations to keep in mind.