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Québec City: In with the old, In with the new!

Oct 10 2017

Content provided by Québec City Business Destination

Québec City is full of trends and traditions, and its joie de vivre is timeless. A place where 17th century stone buildings overlook historic battlegrounds, while close by, microbreweries serve an ever-changing roster of craft beers, and funky art installations decorate the streets.

The capital of Québec, and possibly the culture capital of Canada, celebrates its heritage as much as it embraces innovative ideas.

Known as the birthplace of French civilization in North America, this is a city that has both preserved and reinvented itself for more than 400 years, which is why it stands at the leading edge of technology, fine art, culinary tastes and style, and remains a preferred meeting and convention destination.

Culture Capital
Québec City’s never-ending Renaissance will immerse delegates of all ages. Every neighbourhood features a long cultural to-do list. Old Québec, for instance, is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Tucked among its lively streets and alleyways are restaurants and tiny shops for every interest, while flowers spring from window beds adorning old, cobble facades. Surrounding the area are the only fortified walls in North America, which span close to 4.6 kilometres. Visitors can walk along these walls and admire the characteristic cityscapes of the old town. Beyond that, modern galleries pop up next to well-respected museums and theatres. Seasonal festivals, street entertainers,
music spots, film events and historic sites are all steps away.

City Eats

Renowned chefs with a taste for tradition and up-and-coming culinary artists add their own flair to the city, while local farmers sell fresh produce to restaurants inside and outside of hotels and meeting spaces. Québec City has more fine restaurants per capita than any other North American city. Delegates can dig into both international and provincial dishes that fit all budgets and tastes, whether it’s a coastal-inspired oyster and wine bar, a rustic farm-to-table eatery, a buzzy pub that attracts a young business crowd or an aromatic café that opens at sunrise. Gourmet walking tours of local shops add an engaging twist for foodies. Or, a group outing can be arranged to a local farm or sugar shack party in spring.

Business Savvy

Rated one of the world’s most intelligent cities, a rich research and development community is only one reason professionals do business here. Getting around is stress-free, there are multiple modes of transportation and it’s a walkable feat. In this live-work-play city with a highly-skilled workforce, knowledge sets the backdrop for innovation. Here, planners will find good value for their conference dollar at first-rate convention facilities like the Québec City Convention Centre, a solid base for attendees to forge strong business relationships.

Natural Beauty

Conferences aren’t just panel talks and seminars; they’re an experience. From autumn to summer, picturesque views are found in every direction. Delegates are invited to stroll by the 744-mile long St. Lawrence River or book an easy canoe trip. Outings could include sunset sails from the old port, hiking or biking along a 32-kilometre riverside trail, and visiting the Plains of Abraham, a 242-acre green space within Battlefields Park, the country’s first national historic park and one of the largest in the world.

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