About the Trillium Network

2018 CSAE Trillium Excellence Awards Program

Application Deadline: May 25, 2018

Do you know a colleague or volunteer who, in this past year, has demonstrated significant contribution and commitment to CSAE Trillium and the profession of association management? Someone who has provided leadership, great ideas and inspiration? If so, here is your chance to help us reward those CSAE Trillium Members who make us proud and deserve recognition for their efforts.


The CSAE Trillium Service Excellence Awards

This award can be bestowed upon one Business and one Executive Member each year and recognizes members who embody excellence in volunteerism through their contributions of leadership, inspiration and dedication to the Network and to the association management profession throughout their careers.


The CSAE Trillium Emerging Talent Award

This award can be bestowed upon one CSAE Trillium Executive Member and one CSAE Trillium Business Member who, within the first five years of the members’ careers in the association sector or first five years as a CSAE member, have demonstrated remarkable promise as future leaders in the Association sector.

How to Nominate a Colleague

It’s as easy as 1, 2 3… 

  1. Decide who you wish to nominate
  2. Complete the form highlighting their involvement with CSAE Trillium
  3. Submit the form to CSAE Trillium

Fax: (647) 346-0923
Mail: 1-70 Eglinton Square, P.O. Box 51165, Toronto, ON  M1L 4T2

Download the nomination forms above and decide who you are going to nominate this year!! The deadline to receive nominations is May 25, 2018, so don't delay.

The Strategic Plan 2016 - 2018

CSAE Trillium is the Network that is responsible for providing programs and services to members of CSAE National for much of Ontario. CSAE is a volunteer-based organization that operates programs and services for its members.

CSAE Trillium's governing board is responsible to ensure the Network supports the goals & objectives of CSAE National at the local level and to respond to its members needs.  The board and volunteers are expected to be active participants in the affairs of the Trillium Network. As a volunteer driven organization, executive and business volunteers are recognized for their integral role in the success of the Trillium Network. The Network retains the services of a full time Executive Director to manage the operations of the Network.

The CSAE Trillium Network Executive met in April of 2015 to review members’ needs, external factors, and to establish strategic objectives to ensure the Network remains relevant and of value to the membership. The planning process involved reviewing CSAE National’s vision and mission statement, in addition to establishing objectives that will ensure that the vision is indeed achieved.

The result is a strategic plan that will guide the Trillum Network from 2016 - 2018.

2018 Sponsorship Opportunities

There are many opportunities throughout the year to profile your product/service/destination to the members of the CSAE Trillium Network.  Please feel free to contact Tracy Blyth, CAE, Executive Director to discuss any of these opportunities.  She can be reached here or at 647.346-2723.