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Sponsorship Program

If your organization is seeking an investment for your immediate or long term marketing plan and are interested in building strong brand awareness with association management industry leaders, then we invite you to become a CSAE BC Sponsor. 

For more information regarding our Sponsorship Program and opportunities, please
click here and/or we would be happy to discuss with you.  Please contact our  B.C Network office at or call 604-385-3396.

CSAE BC Business Plan

To align its work in support of the new business model developed by the Canadian Society of Association Executives, the leadership team of the Canadian Society of Association Executives B.C Network (CSAE BC) met last January 27th, 2018 to develop a plan for the coming twelve-month planning horizon. Please click here to review the report. 


'Non-Profits and The Law' is Popular Topic for Okanagan Roundtable
By Tim Read

CSAE BC continues to offer member services across the province and recently delivered a Breakfast Roundtable in Kelowna to deliver professional development and a discussion forum to those operating in the non-profit sector in the Okanagan. 

Held On November 16th, this Roundtable focused on 'Non-Profits and The Law', helping attendees understand the key legal aspects of managing associations and other non-profit organizations.  Read more


Leadership and Innovations in Associations
By Manley McLachlan

I was asked if I was interested in contributing some thoughts on the challenges I experienced in Association Leadership over the 23 years I was involved in the construction association business.  I've been retired from the BC Construction Association for about ten months.  This provides lots of time to think without the daily adrenaline-fuelled rush of an ordinary day at the association office.

I was asked "if you were to go back into business what would you do, do differently, and perhaps with more energy?" Read more


Value in Connecting Members
By Kasey Nishimura
I’ve been very fortunate to be a business member of the Canadian Society of Association Executives for over ten years. My CSAE membership automatically came with my sales territory, which was mainly the Canadian not-for-profit sector. I soon learned that belonging to CSAE was more than just your usual membership. It was an excellent opportunity. Here are some learnings that I have had that you can apply when developing the value proposition for your members.

When determining the value proposition of membership, often there are questions of costs versus member benefits or discounts, but associations need to keep in mind that they are also promoting a platform for connection. Membership often includes opportunity to meet and network with like-minded professionals. When reflecting on my membership with CSAE, I recognized that I have capitalized on the networking aspect of my membership, deepening my understanding of the complex association sector and as a result, I am better prepared to meet the needs of those I work with.

To build connection amongst members, associations can hold networking events, an obvious option, but also create opportunities where members act in volunteer capacity or serve on a committee. I personally have had the honor of taking on these roles with CSAE and consider them to be priceless experiences.

Building Member Connection: Top 3 Tips

1.    Create events where members can network; that face to face connection is important in building relationships.

2.    Establish opportunities for members to network through volunteering. This creates a platform for members to work together with the Association and with each other.

    3.    Get members involved through committees or task forces where they can provide
    input on the direction of the Association, and become invested in the success of various