CSAE Membership Referral Program

Do you know a colleague who would benefit from membership in the Canadian Society of Association Executives?

As a dedicated member, no one is better qualified to spread the word about the many benefits of CSAE membership than you. By taking part in the CSAE Membership Referral Program, you and your colleague will receive credits towards your memberships. Simply refer a new CSAE Executive or Business member between May 1, 2017 and April 30, 2018 and you and your referral will receive a $50 towards your annual membership fee.

CSAE member referrals are cumulative up to a maximum of $550.00. For example, if you refer three new Executive or Business members, you will receive a $150 credit towards your upcoming membership renewal.

Why Should You Refer a New Member?

  • You save on your membership renewal
  • You broaden your community of peers for collaboration and networking
  • You ensure that CSAE continues to grow and supports Canada's not-for-profit community.

How the CSAE Member Referral Program Works

When you refer a friend, colleague or acquaintance who works in the not-for-profit sector or is a business supplier to the sector, direct them to fill out the online membership application. You can also have them contact CSAE's Membership Department at 1.800.461.3608 Ext: 233 or member.info@csae.com.

Once they are registered as a full member of CSAE, you will both receive a $50 credit that can be applied toward your member renewal fees. You must ensure the applicant lists you as the referring member.

Please note this program does not apply towards adding a member to an existing group membership.

How Will CSAE Know Who Referred the Member?

The membership application form has a "Referred by Member" section. Your prospective member must complete this section for both of you to receive your $50 credits.

Can Credits Be Applied to CSAE Events, Publications or Education?

The $50 credit can only be applied to your membership renewal fees.

Program Guidelines

  1. This program is open to all current CSAE Executive and Business members.
  2. A $50 membership credit will be activated for both the referrer and referral when the referral joins and activates his/her membership.
  3. If your referral calls the CSAE Membership department to register, they must mention the name of the current member that recruited them.
  4. Credits cannot be transferred to any other purchases or transferred into cash.
  5. The credit for the new member is applied during their initial member activation.
  6. Credits for the referrer must be applied towards their next membership renewal.
  7. Not applicable to CSAE board members.
  8. The Referral Program runs from May 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018. All referrals must be made during this period to qualify for the $50 credit towards membership renewal fees.

For more information, please contact CSAE's Membership Department at 1.800.461.3608 Ext: 233 or member.info@csae.com.

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