CSAE 2018 National Conference and Showcase


Thank you for your interest in presenting a session at the CSAE 2018 National Conference and Showcase! The event will be held in Ottawa from Wednesday October 24 until Friday, October 26, 2018.  We hope you’ll join us as we explore this year’s theme:  

Associations: Future-Proof



Unlikely to become obsolete


To make a product or system future-proof

* “future-proof.” Oxforddictionaries.com. Oxford University Press 2017. Web. 16 November 2017

The conference explores the knowledge and actions that association leaders need in place today in order to prepare for tomorrow. It’s not just about anticipating what the world might look like 5 or 10 years down the road, but also about implementing concrete future-proofing strategies now. 

From business model transitions to long-term financial planning and succession planning, associations require tools and guidance to ensure their resilience and sustainability. The future is coming. Are you ready?

The 2018 CSAE National Conference and Showcase seeks to provide its audience with innovative ideas and solutions delivered in innovative formats. Do you have an idea for an exciting program element that’s a bit off the beaten path? This year, CSAE is eager to balance traditional conference elements with new approaches to learning.

This year’s program will include a variety of session formats. From short-format lightning talks, to more traditional workshop-style sessions, we seek to provide a variety of options to address the needs of different learners. Please note that a separate call will be issued for short-format presentations in March 2018.

The information listed here is designed to help you prepare the best possible session. Be sure to review the full Call for Presentations to understand our audience and the learning priorities during this event.

CSAE National Conference Testimonials

What others are saying about CSAE's educational opportunities:

"The educational content was stellar. There was not a single session I attended that was not directly applicable to my work or issues associations are facing." - Jenny Grant, ASCHA

"The sessions that I attended were excellent, very informative and interactive." - Anne Baliva, Canadian Institute for Plumbing and Heating

"Great diversity of topics." - Belinda Junkin, Canadian Pallet Council

For all other enquiries, please email CSAE at events@csae.com or call Camila Farah at 416-363-3555 x245 or Geeta Prashad at 416-363-3555 x236

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