CAE Case Study: Career Management Planning at CREB



“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Career management planning isn’t just for senior executives, employees at every level need to have a direction and a plan.  Supporting your team to reach their chosen destination instills loyalty and trust two key indicators of high performing teams.  A well-developed career management plan will support organizational succession planning and employee performance planning.  Stop being afraid of losing key staff and start encouraging them to check out interesting job postings, expand their career horizons and keep their resume fresh.  You’ll be surprised the positive impact this has on performance and attitude.


Participants in this webinar will: 

  • Consider the benefits of Career Management Planning for staff
  • Review the key elements of a Career Management Plan
  • Link career management planning to long term career development


Competency Explored:

Manage individual performance

Gemma Beierback, CAE is a seasoned not-for-profit leader with experience in various elements of organizational leadership. Gemma has been on both sides of the Board table and is a Certified Leadership Trainer, qualified to facilitate a national leadership program geared towards new volunteer leaders and executive officers. Described as energetic, optimistic and enthusiastic, Gemma has the ability to create high functioning teams; inspiring people to believe in themselves and push themselves beyond their own expectations.


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