CAE® Webinar: Case Study - Revere your Volunteer!


This one-hour webinar will help you discover strategies to revere your volunteer! Discover how a small association mobilized its volunteer base in 12 months and then built on that success over 2 years leading to a 400% increase in volunteerism and a 26% increase in membership.


Participants in this webinar will:


1.    Learn how to set and achieve goals using benchmarking and continuous improvement

2.    Learn why people volunteer and how to meet the volunteer’s needs to the advantage of your association

3.    Discover different strategies to recruit and retain volunteers


Sarah Lampson, CAE is the Executive Director of the    Canadian  Association of Research Administrators and provides transformational organizational leadership to implement the association’s strategic plan. Sarah’s key achievements include: significantly increasing services to members, which resulted in a 26% increase in membership and a 400% increase in volunteerism in 3 years; turning an operating deficit into a surplus in first 12 months; increasing revenue 43% and stewarding the international partnership that resulted in development of Canada’s first professional qualifications in the profession.

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