CAE® Exam - May 2017


UPCOMING EXAM: MAY 12- 14, 2017 

To write the CAE® Exam, you must be a member of CSAE, submit your completed application form and a copy of your current resume.

Please fax it to 416.363.3630 or email it to

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You must be a current member of CSAE to write the CAE®Exam .Join now!


The Certified Association Executive (CAE®) Exam is conducted via the internet. Each candidate is responsible for having access to the internet. CSAE will not be responsible for internet access or operations.  The exam will be accessible to the candidate's effective 12 noon Eastern Standard Time on Friday, May 12, 2017.


The exam consists of three case study questions and the answers must take the form of a written report or plan in each case. The exam is totally ‘open book’ and candidates are welcome to seek information and advice from any approved source, including: the internet, books, articles, CAE® Program materials and professional colleagues. The only restrictions on the sources of information are as follows: no member of the CSAE staff or CAE® faculty may be contacted to assist in answering any content-related question; all applicants will be given temporary access to the CAE® lessons material once their application to write the exam has been approved.  The access will be given solely for the study and examination period and will be revoked after the exam.  Access to the Discussion Forums will not be granted at any time. 

If additional communication is required, you may call Eve at:
416.363.3555 x 242
1.800.461.3608 x 242

There will be nothing to prevent candidates from downloading and storing (either electronically or on paper) the exam. CSAE retains sole ownership of the copyright of the exam, and prohibits its distribution in any form to anyone without CSAE's express written permission. CSAE requires that upon completion of the exam, any electronic or paper copies in the possession of candidates be destroyed. The nature of the cases and questions are not to be disclosed to anyone.


Candidates should take the time to locate all important resources so that they can be found quickly and with ease. It is recommended that candidates review report-writing techniques and completed CAE® assignments, including marker’s comments.  Access to the CAE® lesson material will be provided once the candidates' application to write the exam has been approved.  No access to the Discussion Forums will be granted. Candidates will be given a sample exam question with the marking guide to help them prepare. The CAE® Department will also hold an exam prep call to share details about the exam as well as tips for success.


Certified Association Executives will mark the exams using a standardized marking guide to generate a ‘pass’ or ‘fail.’  The results will be communicated to candidates as soon as possible after the exam, but candidates are asked to allow six weeks for the marking process to take place.

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