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As a CAE, you have expertise and knowledge to share with professionals in the NFP sector. Why not encourage a peer along a similar career path in their pursuit of the CAE designation? The CAE® Department is seeking volunteers to serve as mentors to participants entering the CAE® Program.

The CAE® Mentorship Program offers mentors the opportunity to share their expertise, skills and dedication to the NFP sector and to be valued for these contributions. While the focus of mentoring is on the personal and professional development of the mentee, the mentor will also benefit from the relationship. Mentors will have the opportunity to strengthen their problem solving, analysis and interpersonal skills as well as the satisfaction of helping guide the mentee.

As a new student in the CAE® Program, you may be looking for a seasoned veteran from the NPF sector to learn from. Participants in the CAE® Mentorship Program, will be matched with a CAE® Program graduate who can provide advice and expertise to guide you through the CAE® Program.

The CAE® Mentorship Program offers mentees the opportunity to seek guidance and benefit from the experience of a qualified professional.

Mentor Benefits

  • Ability to share knowledge and experience
  • Renewed enthusiasm for role and profession
  • Discussions with a fresh perspective
  • Increased satisfaction with professional career
  • Broaden professional networks
  • Enhance analytical skills

Mentee Benefits

  • Increased knowledge and skill
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased professional satisfaction
  • Increased motivation to complete program
  • Development of professional and learning network
  • Improved decision making

To become a CAE® Program mentor, please read the job description and fill in the application form.

To become a CAE® Program mentee, please read the job description and fill in the application form.

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