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CSAE Facilitating Education through Programs and Events


The Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) operates under the mandate of delivering valuable, career-defining education experiences to professionals within the association and not-for-profit sector. CSAE does so though a combination of indispensable events (including our annual conference) and our renowned Certified Association Executive (CAE®) Program.


The Certified Association Executive (CAE®) Program

A professional career in the not-for-profit sector requires a unique understanding and set of skills that reflect its particular nuances, legalities, operations, and atmosphere. Through its CAE® Program, CSAE offers association executives the opportunity to obtain this know-how and members to claim the valuable CAE designation.


Educational Events

In Canada, CSAE is the foremost provider of educational events relevant to the broader not-for-profit sector. Be it a seminar or workshop, webinar, networking opportunity, or our annual conference, CSAE National and individual Networks strive to deliver new, engaging, and invaluable events the sector demands to both stay current and keep moving forward.

Education & Events
CAE Program
Certified Association Executive ProgramCertified Association Executive® 
In today’s evolving and competitive non-profit sector, it takes more than just a credential to standout from your peers. It takes the confidence, cutting edge knowledge and professionalism achieved through earning the CAE®.  

Why not join the growing community of credible and confident CAE®’s across Canada?  Take the first step and email us at cae@csae.com or call 1.800.461.3608 ext.242 or visit the program page

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