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Engaging the Millennial Market

Engaging the Millennial Market

Millennials. They’re the talk of the town - and business, marketing, HR, politics, you get it - and for good reason. 

While many professionals have the opinion that this market may be garnering too much focus and perhaps be over-coddled, there’s no denying that this cohort – now one third of the workforce – is impacting the business world. Recently surpassing Generation X in volume of workers, this group is going to have reins of the association market in the years to come, and attracting the right workers and keeping them engaged is already paramount.

The folks at MemberZone recently published The Power of Millennials, an illuminating guide on what may be standing between your association and this coveted market. 

The report starts off with some much-needed myth busting. The “lazy, self-centred” tag that this generation has been branded with couldn’t be farther from the mark. This group is goal oriented and heavy on volunteering. The main challenge for most is engagement

That’s where this report may lend you a hand. It takes a look at why millennials don’t join (cost, time), and what the motives are for joining (education, networking, and they want to participate!). 

If you’re interested in downloading the report, I’d love to hear what you think. Come re-visit this post in our LinkedIn group or comment below, and we’ll keep this conversation going. 

On a final note, I’d like to thank the excellent guest posters we’ve had over the last few weeks. Response to the initial outreach was overwhelmingly positive. If you’re interested in lending your voice at some point in the coming months, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at stevenc@mediaedge.ca.




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