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Fuel for the Association Trends Questions Every Association Should Answer

Fuel for the Association Trends Questions Every Association Should Answer

Today's Association Trends Result in Tomorrow's Questions

Sandi Humphrey

Why is it important to monitor association trends, you ask?

I have little doubt that a survey of association executives would identify their greatest frustration as their "micromanaging board." Far too often when I hear that complaint, my research and examinations leads me to the conclusion that much of the blame for "micromanaging boards" rests at the feet of the association executive -- the one lodging the complaint.

Governance and management are two different things!

Governance information and management information are also two very different things!

Boards must be squarely focused on the future. How different it is going to be, and what needs to be done to ensure the association and its members can be successful in that new and very different future.


The Importance of Monitoring Association Trends

Early in 2016, the CSAE Source Guide landed on the desks of association leaders across Canada. It contained, for the first time, solid editorial on economic, political, social/demographic, technological, governance and association trends. Questions association leaders (boards in partnership with their CSOs) should address in the coming year accompanied this content.

In response, Gerry Hansen, Executive Director of Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC Canada) sent me a message of thanks. She noted, "this section is astute and so very helpful. It came just as I was working through a Board meeting discussion checklist for the coming year. You have now done it for me."


Prepare for the CSAE 2017 Source Guide

As 2017 approaches, I urge you to watch for the CSAE 2017 Source Guide. It will land on your desk early in the new year. Again, we have pulled together a group of trends experts to provide background and pose questions every association board and CSO should consider in 2017 regarding association trends. As Canada’s trends expert Jim Carroll points out in the issue, the future of many Canadian associations is tied to their ability to adapt to a faster rate of change than we have ever seen before.

We have provided the fuel you need to get those important discussions happening in your organization. A great resolution for 2017 just might be a commitment to take advantage of this resource so you are not surprised by unexpected association trends.



Have a look at what Sandi Humphrey, CAE is doing with Association™ magazine while you wait for the CSAE 2017 Source Guide.



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