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Certified Association Executive® (CAE) 2016 Graduation Ceremony

Certified Association Executive® (CAE) 2016 Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to the 2016 Graduates of the CSAE Certified Association Executive® (CAE) Program

On October 28th, 20 individuals (including me) working in a variety of roles in the not-for-profit sector, proudly stood on stage during the Certified Association Executive® (CAE) graduation ceremony. This event was held during the CSAE National Conference 2016 and Showcase. In addition to the 19 of us, 21 other association professionals also managed to successfully earn their CAE designation in 2016 but were unable to travel to Toronto to participate.

Some of us opted for the traditional path to certification and completed all five courses and the CAE exam. Others pursued their designation through a Prior Learning Assessment process. Still others chose a combination of both in pursuit of the Certified Association Executive® (CAE) designation. Regardless of the path we chose, the designation represents a lot of hard work and time.

All CAE graduates can now include three new letters after our names on our business cards and LinkedIn profiles: CAE. And they feel pretty great. Like other professional designations, these letters demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and to our chosen professions.

Carolyn McCoy: Certified Association Executive® (CAE) Program 2016 Valedictorian

Carolyn McCoy was this year’s Certified Association Executive valedictorian. She gave a great speech that was both funny and moving.

Certified Association Executive® (CAE) Means Personal and Professional Gratification

Danielle Lamothe, CAE

Personally, standing on that stage had a greater impact on me than I’d anticipated. As CSAE staff, I’d had a pretty crazy week of hard work, connecting with members and students, and perhaps a glass of wine or two at the annual gala the night before. But standing up there with 19 others, listening to Carolyn’s thoughtful words, I felt a fabulous sense of accomplishment.

I'd started the Certified Association Executive® (CAE) program in 2011. I sometimes found it difficult to prioritize my own ongoing education when family, friends and work competed for my time and energy. I’m glad I did and I’d encourage anyone considering the designation to give me a call. Let's discuss what you’re hoping to get out of the program and what your long-term objectives in the not-for-profit sector might be.

But first, get inspired and listen to Carolyn McCoy’s fabulous speech! She really captured the reality of this journey through the Certified Association Executive® (CAE) program.



Click here to see the list of 2016 Certified Association Executive® (CAE) program graduates.






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