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The Great Big Giant Guide to Email Marketing

The Great Big Giant Guide to Email Marketing

You’ll either want to oil up that scroll wheel in your mouse or get your trusty swiping finger ready for your mobile, because here comes a doozy. 

The experts at EveryCloud, a spam filtering and email archiving company, have created a massive infographic that tells you most everything you wanted to know, and perhaps a bit more, about email marketing. 

Despite the constant barrage of new ways to communicate, email still stands tall among marketing channels for reaching out to your membership, expanding your voice and enticing new members into your association fold. Email volume for the association market continues to rise, as does most other industries that are competing for your recipients’ eyeballs. 

Here’s my take on some of the report’s interesting takeaways:

  • Spam accounts for 13.64 per cent of business emails. Keep in mind this is a U.S.-based report. Canada has some pretty aggressive spam laws with CASL, which has been effective in trimming down our junk email volume. However, you need to make sure your message is clearly intended for its recipient via a good subject line and that your “from” address is recognizable, or your message could easily be mislabeled as spam. And if your members have publicly-available email addresses, they’re fair game to receive commercial electronic messages from anyone (a big CASL loophole), so they’re weeding through a lot of daily junk. Show them value before they open that message.
  • Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14 per cent. If you’re using email marketing software, make sure you have the capabilities to import your contact’s names and company names along with their email address. You’re far more likely to get attention from the user if their name and company are reflected in the subject line and within the message’s content.
  • Mobile now accounts for 54 per cent of email opens. With 70 per cent of consumers immediately deleting messages that don’t render well on their device, you can’t ignore mobile. Any good email marketing software offers a mobile-friendly template. If yours still doesn’t, start shopping for alternatives now. 
  • Seventy-two per cent of people prefer to receive promotional content through email, versus 17 per cent who prefer social media. Put this in perspective of the end user. How do you respond to an influx of marketing messages clogging your Facebook feed? No one likes it, and the social media platforms know this, as they’re constantly tweaking their algorithms to push useful content above overt marketing. Those messages that are clearly marketing are best suited to email. (While you can still market on social, it requires a much different, content-first approach

Last, never treat advice on what time/day to send marketing messages as a definitive answer. While this may give you a good starting point, all industries are unique. Be sure to test different deployment times yourself, and find out what that sweet spot is that provides optimal results for your association and its members.
Giant guide to email marketing for associations



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  • Thanks for pointing that out, Quentin. It's now responsive.
    11/22/2016 5:21:07 PM Reply
  • Great state on the percentage of opens on mobile phones. Which leads me to wonder why the info graphic in this blog is not mobile responsive. Ugh.....
    11/20/2016 12:45:53 PM Reply

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