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CSAE Membership Benefits: A Member’s Perspective -- Kasey Nishimura

CSAE Membership Benefits: A Member’s Perspective -- Kasey Nishimura

The Give and Take of Getting the Most from Your CSAE Membership

Kasey Nishimura of Sun Peaks Grand Hotel and Conference CentreI’ve been very fortunate to be a business member of the Canadian Society of Association Executives for over ten years. My CSAE membership automatically came with my sales territory, which was mainly the Canadian not-for-profit sector. I soon learned that belonging to CSAE was more than just your usual membership. It was an excellent opportunity.


With Membership Comes Opportunity

CSAE membership is a chance to meet and network with unfamiliar association executives. It strengthens relations with those I have already come to know and work with. I also found access to various Canadian Society of Association Executives education sessions and materials to be valuable. They deepened my understanding of this complex sector. This has given me great insight as to how I can best meet the needs of those I work with.

I believe business members have the ability to fully engage with the organization to make the most of our CSAE memberships. One can serve as a volunteer on a committee or at the leadership team level, for example. I’ve had the honor of taking on both these roles and consider them to be priceless experiences. In fact, I credit much of my career’s success to my involvement with CSAE.


Career Growth thanks to CSAE Membership

My relationship with the Canadian Society of Association Executives via my CSAE membership has granted me the ability to network effectively. It has also provided access to ongoing important sector knowledge. Additionally, I have gained something far more valuable: credibility.

So, the mantra of CSAE being “better by association” is true!

I have definitely benefitted from my CSAE membership, as has my employer. The resulting exposure, plus their support and event and initiative sponsorship, has elevated their profile. These are opportunities for targeted marketing to a qualified audience. Therefore, each is an investment producing a valuable return.

The old adages of “you get back what you put in” and “you create your own sunshine” both hold true with your CSAE membership. I encourage everyone who wishes to achieve success in the not-for-profit sector to pursue CSAE membership and get involved.


CSAE Membership Top 5 Best Practices

Getting the most out of the Canadian Society of Association Executives requires a solid foundation in the community. Here are my Top 5 best practice guidelines for using your CSAE membership to your advantage:

  1. Learn as much as possible about the not-for-profit sector. You will better understand their needs and how best to sell to them. You can do this effectively with CSAE’s resources.
  2. Get to know the Executive Members in your Chapter or local network at events. Attend the CSAE National Conference every fall.
  3. Make smart use of the Membership Directory -- it is a valuable tool.
  4. Sponsor an event or become a corporate sponsor. This will give you and your organization great exposure.
  5. Get involved in your Chapter or local network by volunteering. You will find this most rewarding path for direct input.

Obtaining Canadian Society of Association Executives Membership

Your organization can easily learn about Canadian Society of Association Executives membership. Follow the previous link for more details, or use our CSAE membership email or call 416.363.3555 or 800.461.3608 ext. 228.



Sun Peaks Grand Hotel and Conference CentreKasey Nishimura

Senior Sales Manager
Sun Peaks Grand Hotel & Conference Centre
Email: knishimura@sunpeaksgrand.com
Direct: 604-941-5852

She is responsible for the Association and Not-For-Profit Sector. Has been in this role for the past 15 years and specializes in Board Meetings & Retreats, Strategic Planning Sessions, Annual General Meetings and various Conferences.

Has been involved in the hotel sales industry for over 25 years with previous positions held at Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and Delta Hotels & Resorts prior to Sun Peaks Grand Hotel & Conference Centre.

Currently a member of the CSAE BC Leadership Team and have been for the past 8 years in the positions of President, Past President, Vice President and Director representing the Business Members.



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