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On Social Media and Star Wars

On Social Media and Star Wars

Glad you’re back! 

For our pre-holiday, post-Star-Wars-weekend second post, let’s talk about last week’s free CSAE webinar: Social Media Strategy, Efficiency and Risk. Hosted by well-known Jedi Knight of social strategy Randall Craig from 108 ideaspace, the hour-long event touched on some key areas associations may wish to explore more in-depth, priming us for the full-day, live classes coming up in January and February.

The webinar talked about major areas like marketing your association, event strategy and finding content ideas. Starting things off, Craig touched on the classic four P’s of marketing mix: price, product, promotion and place. Calling this the “1950s model of approach”, he pointed out what’s missing: the person. 

And that’s where social media marketing comes in. Once selecting what awareness-building social media activities your association does or can do – blogging, Twitter, Facebook and the like – it’s time to identify overall goals and define priorities to build and improve relationships with different stakeholders, Craig says. 

Next was some talk about social media strategy for your association events. Here are some takeaways:

  • Planning and promoting an event: Engage your speakers. Have them participate in a Twitter chat, a guest blog post, or in a LinkedIn group. This adds value for your attendees. 
  • Delivering the event: Try using a Twitter wall to show “back-channel engagement” among attendees. Also info-capture by taking video testimonials among your attendees. 
  • Post event communication: How are you going to take your event one step further? If getting people to your event was one goal, then the purpose of the event is to be “rocket fuel for a community of interests” that will engage in conversation afterwards, says Craig.

Finally, finding content ideas. Somehow Craig’s vision of “the poor sod, sitting at the computer saying, ‘Where do I get an idea from?’” was relatable. 

Rather than the staples of new legislation or talking about upcoming or past events (ahem), Craig provided a six-point plan for generating ideas:

  1. Ask your members questions about what challenges they have.
  2. Market research (ie: member surveys).
  3. Ask your social media networks.
  4. Take a look at like-minded LinkedIn Groups. (Are there groups with similar interests to yours, or perhaps foreign-based or sister associations? Bet there’s something you can borrow there.)
  5. Read industry whitepapers and other research.
  6. Real-world, live events.

Well, that’s a wrap. And whether you’re wrapping or not this holiday season, happy holidays to you and yours. Looking forward to more great discussions in the New Year.



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