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Association Email Marketing: 8 Facts and Figures to Benchmark Your Peers

Association Email Marketing: 8 Facts and Figures to Benchmark Your Peers

Ever wonder how your email marketing stacks up to your peers in the association world? The folks at Informz recently produced a 24-page whitepaper that highlights in-depth email marketing statistics for associations.

Keep in mind that these numbers represent a global reach, as metrics are from more than a billion emails sent in 2015 by associations in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the U.K. Spam laws are different across the countries involved, so this will affect metrics like open rates. However, there are some very interesting trends that have either popped up or been confirmed in 2016.

Here are my top eight snippets from the report.

  • Email volume rose by 11.87% over 2015.
  • While the total volume is up, the volume of emails sent to individual subscribers on a monthly basis declined. Informz’ data shows that 88% of all subscribers were sent 10 or fewer emails per month, while 94% were sent 15 or fewer emails per month. This shows associations are becoming more aware that bombarding inboxes is a thing of the past, and that quality and relevancy of message is more important than frequency.
  • The smaller audience, the higher the open rate. This goes to show that the more targeted an audience is, the more engaged they are. 
  • Most emails are sent mid-day. However, the highest open rate, at 37.38%, was from emails sent at night.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were the most common days to send an email campaign. However, Friday had the highest open rate out of all the weekdays. Weekend emails trended even better for opens than during the week, but interestingly, clicks rates were lower than during the week.
  • Mobile is taking over. Emails opened by mobile now account for 41.7% of usage, with desktop next at 35.42% and web browsers at 23.06%. (The remaining 0.35% are unknown.)
  • Average open rate is at 36%, click rate is 16.14%, delivery rate is 98.28%, and unsubscribe rates were a favourable .06%.



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