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What Does Leadership Mean to You?

What Does Leadership Mean to You?

In celebration of International Women’s Day, CSAE reached out to its vibrant community of association leaders and business members to ask what leadership means to you. As the responses started flowing in, one trend quickly emerged -- Leadership is contagious! It’s an empowering spark that ignites through collaboration and inclusivity.


For me, it's the ability of a leader to bring out the best in people.
- Janis Losie, Director, Member Services & Marketing
Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta


Not needing to be the smartest person in the room; having the wisdom to surround yourself with bright people and to let them find their own way to the results your organization desires.
- Linda Wood Edwards, President
LUE-42 Enterprises


Collaboration and relationships to the benefit of people, processes, and systems.
- Judi Malone, CEO
Psychologists' Association of Alberta


It means being fierce and independent.
- Jackie Bennett


I am a leader not to push a particular agenda or because I am a 'woman', but rather because I am the best person for that job and I speak in terms of inclusion.
- Heather Nicolson Morrison, Executive Director

Having a Goal/Dream and making it happen. On your own or with a team. Taking ownership of what you believe in and going forward with it.
- Lori Dalton, President
Lori Dalton Agency for Speakers and Coaches


Leading by the example we want to have the next generation to follow, including championing gender parity and promoting diversity.
- Maddy Marchildon, Director Association Management & Consulting Services
Redstone Agency Inc.


Leading with integrity, passion and commitment.
- Christine, CEO


Leaders inspire by standing behind their team, not in front. Leadership is less about status and more about pushing your best people forward.
- Constance Wrigley-Thomas, CAE, Owner/CEO
Essentient Association Management

Leadership means inclusivity. It means seeing the big picture and how everyone fits in. It means motivating and challenging everyone to get outside their comfort zone and do more than they think they can. Finally, it means knowing when it's time to pass the torch and let someone else pick up where you left off.


Being rewarded for authenticity. Women often lead differently than men, and these differences in leadership style should be celebrated and appreciated, not undervalued and maligned.
- Karen Sadler, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Canadian Corporate Counsel Association


It is an opportunity for us, as an association, to demonstrate the importance of diversity of employees and board directors to all the member organizations in our industry.
- Korinne Collins, VP, Professional Development & Events
Canadian Credit Union Association


It means being visionary and courageous in achieving both personally and professionally. Always seeking higher ground by being informed, kind and determined to achieve.
-Alison Dantas, CEO
Canadian Chiropractic Association

A leader is someone who has passion and innovation to motivate others by mentoring and supporting people to achieve their goals.
- Diane Freeman, Executive Director
Automotive Aftermarket Retailers of Ontario (AARO)


Motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal.
- Caroline Czajko, Manager


In this day and age, it should an equal and equitable standing among our peers at all levels and for all race, colour, creed and genders! Our sisters before us have laid a good path for us to start. However, we must continue to ensure that our generation and the generations of daughters, sisters to come is one of trust, collectiveness and equality. The glass ceiling must be broken - that is why it is glass! Go ladies Go...show your true female leadership on International Women's Day and every day to come.
- Lori Hamel Johnson, Regional Sales Manager
Westmont Hospitality Group



Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge. It’s about supporting them, and providing direction on the road ahead. Leadership is about setting an example, and also raising the bar.
- Natalie Wallace, Senior Education & Event Coordinator
Real Estate Institute is Canada



Leadership is demonstrated in our businesses, in our social lives and in our homes. It is at heart being there for people, at times pointing the way and at others encouraging them to follow where they need to go. It is not a "spotlight" role, but a supporting role. People who are leaders at heart lift up those around them. Leaders move mountains with their hearts.
- Erin Vanderstelt, Membership and Events Manager
Ontario Association of Residences Treating Youth


Leadership to me is the ability to have a clear vision and the capability to communicate that vision with others, so they will follow. International Women's Day provides an opportunity to celebrate women who are leaders in their field and to highlight their successes and the journey that brought them to where they are today.
- Janelle Bates, Conference and Event Manager
Ontario Waterpower Association


Respectful governance and the ability to effectively motivate and drive people towards a common goal.
- Zena Peden, Manager of Events & Sponsorship


CSAE would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey and for allowing us to share what leadership means to you!





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