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4 Reasons to Kickstart Your Association’s Social Media Presence

4 Reasons to Kickstart Your Association’s Social Media Presence

Perhaps you’ve finally decided that “now’s the time” to get your association started on social media, or maybe you’re cringing at the thought of logging in to your Twitter account that hasn’t been touched in months. 

If this is the place you’re in, it’s time to reassess what your social media goals are and get your association to its social media starting point. Your goals could be just one or all of the below. In the case of the latter, take the time to rank the order of importance of each.

  • Increase membership: Are you looking to develop new relationships with potential members? Then it’s time to listen to what others are saying, craft messages designed to inform, entertain and captivate your audience. 
  • Gaining website traffic: Have great content to share? What about a great new initiative involving your membership? Craft some meaningful messages to drive traffic to your content pages.
  • Member support and outreach: Your member demographic is changing, and so are their communication needs. You’ll need a space to answer questions and gather feedback for your association.
  • Increasing networking opportunities: Don’t forget that by nature of being “social,” social media can give a boost to your in-person presence. If you’re attending events yourself, simply obtaining a contact’s business card isn’t enough. Search that person out on their social channels, and invite them to connect with you while you’re still fresh in their mind – a great way to continue the relationship outside of adding another business card to the pile. Connecting on LinkedIn is also an incredible opportunity to expand your reach through secondary connections.

If all of this seems too daunting, consider utilizing an agency to outsource your strategy, and they’ll invest the time required to keep your channels afloat, and hopefully expand your reach. Be sure to that agency works with you, rather than for you. It’s your voice that’s being represented, so be sure to remain in control of your online avatar.



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