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Cheat Sheet for Stellar Social Media Posts

Cheat Sheet for Stellar Social Media Posts

What’s the ideal size for that Facebook profile photo? What about the Twitter header image or in-stream photo? Design aside, what about the best date and time to post? 

The folks at On Blast Blog made an excellent infographic embedded below, which is a great starting point for posting on social media. While having your images set at ideal sizes will help you stand out from the crowd, don’t take those time of day/best day to post suggestions wholeheartedly. Everyone’s industry is different, so be sure to stray from the suggestions and test the best times for engagement on your own.  

On Blast Blog also shared some great tips. Here are some standouts, with my parenthetical two cents included:

  • Share a variety of Facebook content – alternate between links, videos and photo posts. (In my experience, photo posts with links perform far better than just a simple link post. Add a few lines of catchy text to pull the reader in.)
  • On Twitter, @mention users that you included in your content. (If you have a photo in your tweet, you can also tag them in the photo – which will save you on the 140 character limit.)
  • Share your images on Pinterest group boards – reach for those extra eyeballs. 
  • Create an “end card” at the end of your YouTube videos to point viewers to other videos in your archive. 
  • Write killer headlines: eight of 10 people will read your headline, two out of 10 read the rest of what you wrote. (Don’t forget subheads. On the web, people scan before they read, so add those subheads in for another chance to catch them. Subheads, if done properly, are also a good SEO pull – search engines scan for them as well.)

One more thing on that Twitter character limit: Twitter recently announced that it will soon stop counting links and photos in its character limit. This will be a nice advancement to buy some of that much coveted extra space.


Social Media Cheat Sheet
Credit: On Blast Blog




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