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Video Marketing for Associations: Notes from the Field

Video Marketing for Associations: Notes from the Field

Just getting back from a two-day web marketing conference in Niagara Falls, where there was one stand-out session from video marketing Mother of Dragons and social media star Sunny Lenarduzzi that has a great application for association professionals – and anyone looking to improve their video engagement. (While the trip to one of Canada’s natural wonders may sound like a blast, keep in mind I was taking one for the team here, as I still haven’t seen Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones.)

Here are five insights from a stellar session:

  • Businesses put too much focus on themselves rather than what their audience wants to hear. Think about this from your association’s standpoint – can you create video content that answers questions your members or industry are asking? What problems can you solve to position yourself as a thought leader?
  • Sixty per cent of traffic on YouTube is search-driven. That means most users aren’t visiting YouTube to see what latest cat video is trending on the homepage. They’re looking for information.
  • Native video on Twitter drives 2.5 times more engagement than a standard post.
  • Facebook video posts have 135 per cent more engagement than photo posts. Facebook is going toe-to-toe with YouTube. No longer is it effective to post that YouTube video link on your Facebook page – Facebook wants that video content for itself. You can benefit from this battle at the wall by posting directly to both platforms. 
  • Videos on Instagram offer two times more engagement and comments than photo posts. Video views have also grown 350 per cent over an eight-month period on this platform.

Since the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than the time it takes for it to process text, and 65 per cent of the population are visual learners, it’s time to start thinking about video marketing for your association if you haven’t already. 

So, how do your source content that your members want to see? Here are three simple places to start, says Lenarduzzi:

  1. Answer frequently asked questions. 
  2. Search community hubs and competitor sites. Check blogs and LinkedIn Groups. Do you see any questions that aren’t answered or some key information that’s missing from these topics?
  3. Use the YouTube or Google search bar. While the autofill mechanism often produces hilarious results, you’ll also see the key questions asked around your core topic (see below).

So, we’ve reached our conclusion of this week’s episode. If anyone needs me, I’ll be hiding under my desk trying to avoid spoilers.




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