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Two Way Cool Tools to Keep Association Professionals up to Speed

Two Way Cool Tools to Keep Association Professionals up to Speed

In keeping with its mission to enhance not-for-profit leadership, CSAE recently released two reports designed to put your finger on the pulse of Canada’s association market and to foster positive relationships between your staff and your board.

Based on an in-depth survey, the CSAE Canadian Association Census is the first comprehensive benchmarking resource for Canada’s not-for-profit and association sector. The report provides insight on staff composition, revenue, professional development expenditure, board structure and practices, serving as a comparative tool for associations. Other topics include succession planning practices, budget and strategy planning, board selecting and government assessment and review practices.

Second up, the Guide to Staff-Board Relations for Directors of Non-Profit Organizations – 4th Edition, was penned by Donald G. Evans and CSAE’s Association magazine editor Sandi Humphrey.

I reached out to Ms. Humphrey to find out what makes this book worth reading.

“A solid relationship between the Board and the Chief Staff Officer (CSO) is critical to any association,” says Humpries. “At its foundation, there must be documentation (i.e., policy) that makes a clear distinction between the board’s job and the job of the CSO. Without that, assumptions are made, and those assumptions can change from month to month - leading to confusion, frustration, and wasted time and effort. It’s difficult for a CSO to tell his or her board they are contributing to a dysfunctional relationship by their actions, which, in most cases, are based on their best intentions.  

“The Guide to Staff-Board Relations can deliver that message to the Board (and yes, the CSO) so both can work towards the ideal where each knows their job, and everyone is applying their specific competencies in a professional manner towards the ultimate goal: an efficient, effective and influential organization.”

So, there we have it. Two way cool tools to keep you up to speed and successful in your association endeavour.




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