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A "Trusted" Website? Not so fast. (Action Required)

A "Trusted" Website? Not so fast. (Action Required)

Whether real world or on the web, trust is a powerful factor. For users of the popular Chrome browser, Google recently made a change that is sure to give many of your members, prospective members, and sponsors pause. Consider the image below: for the first time, the word "secure" appears within the URL bar.



Contrast this, with this next screen shot, that does not say secure:



The key difference between these two sites is that the first site (mine) is encrypted (look at the URL that starts with "https"), while the second example (Nestle) is not encrypted at all. Yikes!

Even worse is when a website is not encrypted, and asks the user for their password. The URL bar explicitly says Not Secure:



While there are a few technical challenges – and additional costs – to having the entire site in delivered in a secure, encrypted fashion, this is a change that should be made immediately. Chrome – and likely all browsers in the future – will more explicitly show the page’s security status: not secure is a brand-weakening, trust-losing epithet.


This Week’s Action Plan

Open the Chrome browser, go to a few random pages of your website, and then to your site’s log-in or subscribe page. Does the word Secure appear in the URL bar of the browser? If not, then insist that this change be made as a priority. If it is there, congratulations – you get a bonus. Google will reward your site with an SEO boost, just because it is secure.



Randall Craig delivers excellent information that associations and not-for-profits need to effectively navigate their online space. He is hosting an upcoming CAE webinar to help associations get the most out of their social media resources and time: Driving event Attendance and Engagement with Social. Be sure not to miss it!





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