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Exploring an Outstanding Event App

Exploring an Outstanding Event App


If you’re in the business of planning or attending events, the mark has just been set high for the corresponding event app – and it couldn’t be cooler.

It partnership with ShowTime, the South by Southwest (SXSW) GO app takes the massive, Austin-based, nine-day music, film and interactive event and manages to make the plethora of performances palatable for what is sure to be an over-stimulated brain.

Now, of course none of us have 6000-plus attractions at our association conferences, but here are four great takeaways that can be borrowed from the biguns. 

  • Personalized event recommendations based on the user’s profile, preferences and friend suggestions. The user can then create a schedule and share with friends.
  • An app component called “SXSW Recommends,” which offers new sessions to you based on what you have already chosen. For example, the Visual meeting strategies for nonprofits event may suggest that you should also join Digital marketing in the age of influencers. Or perhaps the Central Health breakfast taco challenge event will usher you over to Disrupt the diet: Lean start-up for weight loss, in case you’ve packed away too many tacos.
  • Location-based interaction capabilities that recommend people in your vicinity to connect with based on your profile. Putting a professional spin on this, imagine a LinkedIn tie-in with your sign-in profile, where like-minded association profs can geo-target each other and connect. (LinkedIn, if you’re reading this, call me.)
  • Options to virtually pre-explore what’s at the event, checking out artists ahead of time. (Does your keynote speaker have past presentations on YouTube? Easy peasy.)

The app is powered by Vancouver’s Eventbase, a multi-award winning company that has become a big name for top-tier events, proving not all that’s cool this weekend is coming from Austin.




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