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Five Bold Social Media Predictions for 2017

Five Bold Social Media Predictions for 2017

With 2017 in full swing, we’ve dealt with no shortage of predictions and speculation of what’s coming up this year. While some predictions will clearly hold more water than others, U.S.-based agency MGD Advertising recently produced an excellent infographic with some rather bold speculations of what we can expect in the social media world this year. 

Is face-to-face communication on the decline? Are we destined for a world of virtual reality offerings that will change the entire face of the events industry? And what role do your employees and members play? Below is a brief explanation of the company’s crystal ball analysis along with my take on what this could mean to the association marketplace.

  • Social media will impact our face-to-face communication. Platforms like Slack and Facebook’s Workplace allow employees to collaborate in real time, without having to leave their respective offices – making that commute from home to work seem even less appealing. Messaging apps are also now the norm. As you can now order a pizza utilizing the customer service capabilities of an AI bot, keep an eye out for larger companies who may try and utilize this technology when dealing with their customers.
  • Employees will become important social media ambassadors. From increasing the social media engagement of your volunteers to convincing your CEO to be involved, associations have been on their way for some time. With 79 per cent of companies saying employee social advocacy increases the company’s visibility, employers want to tap into this incredible marketing vehicle but are becoming well aware of the associated risks. New tools like Hootsuite Amplify help reduce the risk of employees going off message, or broadcasting potentially damaging comments, by allowing them to send only company-approved messages and curated content on their networks. Keep in mind, these tools are still in their infancy stage and haven’t hit the mainstream yet – they’ll more than likely get better and adopt more features.
  • Content will need to be more dynamic. No longer is simply posting a link with some accompanying text the sole way to engage your audience on social media. Video is on the rise, and social platforms have already tweaked their algorithms to give video more prominence. Live video is now hugely popular, with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram heavily investing to get its users on board. MGD suggests virtual reality Internet traffic will grow exponentially by 2020. While it remains to be seen, this will open up a whole new world in the communications realm if it indeed does happen.
  • Social media platforms will be less differentiated. The big platforms have been borrowing each other’s features for some time. With Instagram now featuring Stories a la Snapchat, and all platforms jumping on the live video bandwagon, expect the further blurring of old boundaries as each platform attempts to one-up the other.
  • Brands will use fewer social platforms. This very interesting prediction correctly points out that audience demographics are overlapping across several of the big platforms, which should make audience targeting easier. As each social media platform attempts to be all things to all users, this may be a turn-off to the user that no longer wants to use several apps on their mobile device that all do the same thing. More acquisitions could also come in to play, which may in turn shrink the marketplace.

5 Social Media Predictions for 2017
by MDG Advertising



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